3 Creative Ways to Truly Capture Your Travel Memories

Fact #1: Travel journals are a fantastic way to capture and share memories.

Fact #2: I'm lousy at keeping a travel journal.

It wasn't meant to be

I tried—really, I did. I used to always travel with a journal. I’d convince myself that THIS was the trip where I'd get my act together.

"This time I’m going to write, write, WRITE! It’s going to be a masterpiece!"

Here's how many masterpieces I've written to date:

Headed to Russia via Finland on Finnair (1989)

Hundreds of blank pages

Like many leather bound books, my travel journals are just for show. For every one page of memories, there are easily a hundred blank ones.

My affinity for nightlife may be to blame.

Late-night escapades in electrifying foreign cities don’t put me in the peaceful, reflective head-space I need to pour my innermost thoughts onto paper.

Hope for the Undisciplined

Reality check: I lack the discipline to keep a journal. When I finally accepted this, I stumbled on other creative ways to chronicle my travels that better suit my ADHD-laden personality.

The blog series "How to capture YOUR travel memories WITHOUT a journal", will teach you several of my methods.

In Part One, I'll teach you an easy trick for re-living your travel memories using your ears.

Click here to read Part One!

Headed to Russia via Finland on Finnair (1989)
Headed to Russia via Finland on Finnair (1989)

What do YOU do?

Please share in the comments some unique ways you memorialize your journeys. The best submissions will be published. Lousy ones will be considered too. =)

Travel on, my friends! Talk to you soon.


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