Breathe in Your Travel Memories!

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses (

Your nose lets you know where you are, and where you’ve been.

Incense burning

Nose Knows No Limits

Think about everyday smells that trigger intense emotions— the scent of an ex-lover’s perfume, the aroma of Grandma’s cooking, or a whiff of the fast food restaurant you hate to love.

Your nose lets you know where you are, and where you’ve been.

I cherish few things more than my travel memories. As I’ve told you before, I am lousy at keeping a travel journal.

This led me to develop a few easy tricks you can use to lock in your travel memories and re-live them whenever you want.

In part one, you learned how to capture memories with your ears. In part two, we’re going to stick with the senses.

Today you'll learn how to sniff your way down memory lane.


Bottle Up Your Emotions

My trick for using your sniffer to capture memories is to always travel with an unfamiliar, but easily reproducible smell.

The options for bottled up aromas are virtually endless—air fresheners, soaps, etc. Choose one that suits you, and throw it in your travel bag.

Incorporate your aroma of choice in your daily experiences while on the road. Then, when you get home, put the bottle away and never use it again.

Wait a week, a month, a year…whatever. When you’re ready to re-live some travel memories, get the bottle out of mothballs. Wait…don’t use mothballs. That will ruin it.

Open the bottle, close your eyes, and take an enthusiastic whiff.

Did it take you back?

Aromatherapy bottle
Clock & blossom

How Do You Smell the Fun, Aaron?

I wear cologne. There, I said it.

I’ve worn Kenneth Cole Black for years and have no plans to change—except when I travel.

When I travel, the cologne stays home.

In its place, I pack an inexpensive body spray. There are dozens of varieties, so it’s not hard to find a different bouquet of memory-jogging man-scents each time I hit the road.

Smell Ya Later!

That does it for part two of "How to capture your travel memories without writing a journal”.

Please share in the comments YOUR experiences using smells to re-live travel memories!

In part three, I'll give you my twist on a time-honored travel tradition that's guaranteed to flex those memory muscles!



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