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Travel & your child’s intellectual development: The Dan Louzonis Story, Pt.1

This is part one of my three-part chat with Dan Louzonis. Part two is available here. Part three is available here.

Dan is a child acceleration specialist and homeschooling coach from New York City.


Book: The New Global Student by Maya Frost

Book: The Underground History of American Education

Blog post: How to HEAR your travel memories


([4:15]) Dan didn’t travel much as a kid.

([4:35]) Dan grew up in New England, where people “don’t travel very much”. As a kid, Dan’s idea of travel was going 40 miles into Boston.

([6:20]) “People get trapped in their routines” and do the same trips over and over.

([7:20]) Dan went to college in Philadelphia, which he described as “like being on another planet.”

([8:10]) Dan was almost 40 when he fell in love with travel

(8:20) Dan was inspired by the book The New Global Student by Maya Frost. In 2005, Maya, her husband, and their four daughters left their suburban American to have an adventure abroad.

([11:45]) Dan and his family moved to London for a year in 2014. This is when Dan began to experience a “higher level of travel”.

([13:05]) Dan and his family used London “as a launchpad” to see Europe. They ended up visiting 11 countries.

([16:00]) When Dan travels, his mind is “on fire.”

([16:20]) “There is a massive link between travel and intellectual development.”

([16:30]) Eric Demaine and John Quincy Adams are two examples of the powerful impact travel has on intellectual development.

([17:55]) “Moving and traveling are components of the ideal education.”

([22:00]) Dan considers living in Manhattan to be “pure bliss”.

([24:20]) Dan credits his coaching as a reason his decision-making skills have become well-developed.

([27:55]) Dan’s homeschooling journey began when he started doing Kumon workbooks with his son.

([31:00]) “Once you’re liberated from the attendance obligations of a school…the whole world opens up to you.”

([32:55]) One of the privileges of of homeschooling is that Dan and his family get to spend a month in Florida during the winter.

([35:30]) “There are billionaires who are afraid to pull their kids out of school.”

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