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Travel & your child’s intellectual development: The Dan Louzonis Story, Pt.3

This is part three of my three-part chat with Dan Louzonis. Part one is available here. Part two is available here. 

Dan is a child acceleration specialist and homeschooling coach from New York City.


Book: The New Global Student by Maya Frost

Book: The Underground History of American Education

Blog post: How to HEAR your travel memories


(0:00) Visit to learn more about this episode’s non-profit partner.  (2:20) Dan broke down and got an iPhone strictly because of the “amazing camera.”   (3:00) Book recommendation: The New Global Student by Maya Frost. ([3:40]) Recommendation: TSA pre-check   ([4:10]) Advice: start your kids traveling early!   ([4:45]) “Force yourself to go somewhere new at all times!”

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