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Finding the courage for your next adventure: The Melody Schreiber Story

Aaron Schlein chats with Melody Schreiber. Melody is a freelance journalist who has reported from nearly every continent. Now she’s exploring her hometown of Washington, DC with her family.


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([2:40]) Melody ran a non-profit journalism fellowship where she took journalists around the world

([2:55]) Melody become a mom about a year ago. Her “little guy” goes pretty much everywhere with her.

([3:45]) Melody’s earliest memory involves roaming around a strange house early in the morning.

([6:00]) Melody’s husband (with the help of a map book) showed her that travel doesn’t have to be just a daydream.

([7:30]) “If you want to travel, don’t keep it to yourself. Shout if from the mountain top!”

([9:10]) Melody described a dramatic food poisoning incident while traveling solo in Tanzania.

([11:45]) Melody was on a reporting trip in Nepal when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu. She described her experience reporting on the tragic aftermath and the lasting bonds she formed with fellow journalists with whom she shared the experience.

([15:25]) Melody’s coverage of the Nepal earthquake appeared in The Washington Post, The Guardian, and USA Today

([16:00]) Melody described a humorous and inspirational story about the incredible care she received from her husband when she an allergy attack on a plane in Argentina.

([16:50]) “Hold on the the people you travel well with. Marry them if you can.”

([20:30]) Melody reported from both the Arctic and the tropics while pregnant.

([21:45]) Melody is launching a podcast about exploring your own backyard with a baby in tow.

Dramatic Travels is the first season of The Aaron Schlein Story.

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