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Travel the world & inspire your kids: The Third Eye Mom Story

Nicole Melancon is a freelance journalist, blogger, and social good advocate. Nicole began her blog, Third Eye Mom, in 2010 after a life-changing trip to Nepal where she trekked the Annapurna circuit with her father. Landing in India, she received her “third eye”, which symbolizes wisdom. It reinforced her strong belief that you must view the world with a third eye and as openly as possible. Nicole’s dream is to teach her children and others through her work to live compassionate open-minded lives and understand different cultures and the importance of giving back to those in need.

Nicole just completed her 13th trip with her father, who just turned 75. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and their two children.

Dramatic Travels is an inspirational family travel podcast hosted by Aaron Schlein. Aaron chats with the world’s most passionate and influential travelers who share emotionally-charged memories of the people and places that inspired them to travel and changed their lives forever.

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