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Nomadic Matt & Daily travel inspiration


In every single episode of Dramatic Travels, you’ve heard me mention FLYTE.

FLYTE is non-profit that helps provide a global education to underserved youth by taking them on transformational trips.

Just last week, students from Victor, Montana returned from a FLYTE-sponsored trip to Guatemala. That life-changing trip for these students, who live in a town with a population of 745 people, was made possible through donations from individuals like you–individuals who understand the power of travel and believe that the transformational experiences–like the Victor students had–are a crucial part of every child’s education.

To celebrate 20 episodes of Dramatic Travels, FLYTE’s founder, Matthew Kepnes AKA Nomadic Matt, was kind enough to share the following message to celebrate the partnership between Dramatic Travels and FLYTE.


If travel is important to you, then you have to think about traveling—every single day.

Life equips us with a wicked treasure chest of excuses not to travel.

What’s worse, every excuse is cleverly disguised as some compelling reason why we should just stay home and spend our most vibrant years up to our necks in nagging chores and to-do lists.

I love to travel. There was a time, not that long ago, when the responsibility of adulthood became so consuming that I’d often go weeks without even thinking about traveling.

What this taught me is the importance of keeping travel top of mind.

For the next seven days, you are going to get a small but powerful daily dose of travel inspiration–to help you keep travel on the brain no matter how hectic your life gets.

Every morning you’ll get to wake up to an exciting, educational, and entertaining travel podcast coming at you in easy to consume 3-5 minute episodes.

I hope you’ll make these daily episodes of Dramatic Travels part of your routine, so you can experience for yourself the magic that happens when you’ve got travel on the brain.

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