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Traveling for Life & Livelihood

In this episode, I’m thrilled to introduce you to two inspiring individuals.

First up is the one and only Zack Klamn. Zack appeared on episode three of Dramatic Travels and was the second person I interviewed for the podcast.

You’ll hear a conversation Zack and I had immediately after that interview, which took place back in January 2018. Zack speaks candidly about the struggles of a new travel blogger, and I share my idea to one day start a podcast to help aspiring travel entrepreneurs–which I recently did!

Check out Zack’s blog at

In one of the first episodes of the new podcast, I spoke to travel entrepreneur Amanda Chay.

Amanda is the creator of Wonderment, a company that guides others to lead healthy lifestyles while simultaneously investing in themselves and contributing back to life through travel.

In our chat, Amanda discusses investing in herself, her decision to go all-in on her business, and how travel helps keep her marriage together. You can connect with Amanda at

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