Location independence!: The Travis Sherry Story

Six years ago, Travis was living in Japan and knew he wanted to travel more. But there was no way he could travel as much as he wanted to on a teacher’s salary. Plus, having “only” summers off wasn’t conducive to a schedule of constant travel! So he started learning about all the ways to travel for less, including the golden goose: frequent flyer miles. In five years, he was able to earn over 4 million frequent flyer miles and travel to over 40 countries, all for much less than he ever dreamed.

Travis started Extra Pack of Peanuts to share this knowledge with the world as well as create an online business that he could run from anywhere, including the beach in Thailand. In 2013, he added a podcast for those people too lazy to read, which has now become the top-rated travel podcasts on iTunes! He’s ridden camels in the desert in India, scuba dived on the Great Barrier Reef, and drunk (lots of) wine in Tuscany – all made possible by the fact that they fly anywhere in the world for under $100.


He’s figured out how to run his six-figure online business successfully from a beachfront bungalow in Thailand, an inn in Prague, the rice fields of Bali, and a farmhouse in Florence and how to run it unsuccessfully from the internet-deprived country of Myanmar.


Web: extrapackofpeanuts.com

Web: www.locationindie.com

Cheap flight app: www.letsjetto.com

Instagram: @packofpeanuts

Twitter: @packofpeanuts

Facebook: /ExtraPackOfPeanuts

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