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What is your ONE story?

Aaron Schlein - Dramatic Dad Podcast - Episode 4

A single dramatic and captivating real-life tale can become the foundation of your personal brand business.

Book deals.

Speaking gigs.

Affiliate partnerships.

These are just a few ways entrepreneurs generate revenue year after year because of one story from their lives. And the reality is that you don’t have to land a passenger jet on the Hudson River to have a story that earns you a revenue-rich reputation.

I didn’t set out to become a paid speaker or a flag waving travel advocate. Those things came as a result of sharing a simple story about traveling with my grandmother.

My story got people’s attention. It opened their minds and vividly illustrated the importance of travel in young people’s lives.

As my story began to spread through my podcast and personal network, lives were touched and changed. People I’ve never met heard my story and started taking their kids on trips that they might not have otherwise.

I’ll ask you again: What is your ONE story that will change people’s lives (including your own!)?

In many ways, my work has since transcended those simple beginnings. But it all started with that one damn story.

Period. End of story. 😜

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