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Be the best character in your travel stories: The Tacks on a Map Story

Aaron Schlein is joined by Zack Klamn of Zack is a dad who’s been lucky enough to see much of this amazing world – nearly 60 countries and counting!

Zack began writing about his travel adventures as a hobby. He turned pro in 2015 with the launch of Zack’s travel writing emphasizes inspiration through story telling. His style provides a fun and vicarious experience for his readers, who relate to the quirky characters and exciting situations he’s encountered in his travels.

Zack’s work includes pieces about exploring Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, India, Taiwan and Australia, and his surfing adventures in Peru and Nicaragua.

Zack is currently completing a travel memoir novel. He and his wife live in California, where they are raising three young boys.

Dramatic Travels is an inspirational family travel podcast hosted by Aaron Schlein. Aaron chats with the world’s most passionate and influential travelers who share emotionally-charged memories of the people and places that inspired them to travel and changed their lives forever.

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