Travel & your child’s intellectual development: The Dan Louzonis Story, Pt.2

This is part two of my three-part chat with Dan Louzonis. Part one is available here. Part three is available here.

Dan is a child acceleration specialist and homeschooling coach from New York City.


Book: The New Global Student by Maya Frost

Book: The Underground History of American Education

Blog post: How to HEAR your travel memories


(1:10) Daniel found Istanbul scary. He never got comfortable there with his wife and kids.   (5:30) “The most fearless travelers all started somewhere.”   (6:15) Involve your kids in the process of planning travel.   (8:05) What is the opportunity cost of going to Disney?   (8:35) “Start pre-natal with education.”   (10:15) Use hop-on, hop-off bus tours to get an idea of the landscape in a new city.   (11:10) Use audio tours as a powerful way to capture travel memories.   (12:20) Dan’s son has a blog at His daughter has a blog at   (14:00) Dan recommends Mexico City as an inexpensive alternative to Florida (and Cancun!)   (15:00) The Einstein Blueprint offers parents the opportunity to replicate Dan’s success in educating his children.   (17:35) “There is a formula for success in life…it’s been codified by Napoleon HillTim Ferriss, and Tony Robbins.”   (18:25) The Einstein Blueprint is based on the idea that “all children have infinite potential”.   (18:40) “I’ve never once met a child that didn’t have vastly more untapped potential than they’re displaying at the moment. And that goes for me as well.”   (18:50) “The whole world is actually out there … unintentionally or intentionally conspiring to suffocate your child’s potential.”   (19:40) “Only parents can unlock the full potential in their kids … Parents have way more power to shape their kids’ outcomes than they’re aware of.”   (20:15) “Home is 10 times more important than school.” (24:45) “School was not designed to unleash children’s’ potential … It was designed to constrain it.”   (27:04) “School … is the opposite of a mastermind. Children … pool their ignorance and actually drag each other down.”   (30:25) “I can not imagine my life if I wasn’t actively involved in the design, the education, and the travel of my children … I spend more time with my son in a week than my father spend with me in 18 years.”   (31:04) Aaron related the mastermind principle to learning racquetball from his dad.   (33:55) Dan recommends hiring a talkative nanny.   (35:30) Your kids are the average of the five people they spend the most time with.

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