Defining yourself through travel: The Doree Simon Story, Pt 2

This is part two of my chat with Doree Simon. Part one is available here.

Aaron Schlein chats with Doree Simon. Doree is a filmmaker and producer whose passion projects focus on cause-related content — mostly documentaries. Doree also manages a  team of producers and filmmakers within the media house at Matador Network, a travel content company.

Check out Doree’s work, including the film In Her Shoes at


(0:50) A word from our non-profit partner, FLYTE.

(1:22) Aaron and Doree connected thanks to a previous Dramatic Travels guest.

(2:40) Doree shared her pro-tips and priceless advice about travel photography.

(4:35) Doree shared her recent experience at the Lord of the Rings hobbit houses in New Zealand.

(6:10) Aaron shared the lesson learned from a missed opportunity in China.

(8:40) Doree shared why she will never forget to put the memory card back in her camera (again).

(9:10) Doree shared an extremely heartfelt example of why we should all take the time to capture memories with our loved ones.

(13:25) Talking to strangers on trips has helped Doree be adaptable and overcome fear in everyday life.

(17:00) Doree recommends the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof.

(19:35) Doree never travels without a travel pillow. Invest in a good one!

(20:35) Doree’s advice for parents: “introduce young people to new experiences so they don’t build up a fear of the different.”

Dramatic Travels is the first season of The Aaron Schlein Story.

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