Travel like a maverick, Pt.2 w/ Emily Gaudreau

Emily Gaudreau is the mother of four and the wife of one. Emily is the host of How To Raise a Maverick, a podcast where she explores the challenges of raising kids with work ethic, grit, and empathy…so they become adults with a strong moral core and lust for life.


Book: Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry) by Lenore Skenazy

HIGHLIGHTS   2:55) Emily’s online course: Young, Wild, and Safe (available at   (3:35) Educate your kids about the right things, not about the boogey man.   (4:00) Your kids have to learn how to talk to strangers.   (6:40) Facts and statistics don’t win arguments.   (10:00) Expose your kids to other kids in different cultures.   (10:30) Emily is not a fan of education between four walls.   (11:28) Robes and special soaps   (12:30) Micro-retirements   (14:00) Use technology to keep your life intact during long-term travel.   (15:20) “The less you have completely structured, the more magic can happen.”   (15:28) The camper compromise   (17:30) If you’re married to an inexperienced traveler, you have to take it at their speed.   (18:40) Automate your garden.   (20:50) Traveling with kids with opens doors.   (22:00) Involve your kids in planning the trip.   (23:45) Hello Kitty or Iceland?   (25:05) “Why have we not been going to Greece?”   (26:58) Leave a rating and review for Dramatic Travels, and send a screenshot to


Dramatic Travels is an inspirational family travel podcast hosted by Aaron Schlein. Aaron chats with the world’s most passionate and influential travelers who share emotionally-charged memories of the people and places that inspired them to travel and changed their lives forever.

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