Transforming Young Lives Through Travel with FLYTE

Dramatic life-changing travel should not be reserved for the fortunate few.

Aaron Schlein & family on a plane
Family trip to London (1989)

every kid deserves the opportunity to explore

When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to have adults in my life who understood the value of travel.

They got me out into the world and positively changed the trajectory of my life.

Travel instilled in me levels of humility, gratitude, patience, and empathy that may not have developed otherwise.

I’ve always imagined that someday I would do something to help give under served kids the opportunity to explore the world the way I did.

The good news for all of us is that there is existing organization doing exactly what I’d always envisioned.

Allow me to introduce you to FLYTE.

empowering students through travel

FLYTE is a non-profit organization that empowers students through transformative travel experiences.

FLYTE was founded in 2015 by travel author and blogger, Matthew Kepnes, better known as Nomadic Matt.

My partnership with FLYTE began in March of 2018 when I launched the Dramatic Travels (now Dramatic Dad) podcast.

Now, the FLYTE team and I are working on a plan to expand our partnership and make an even greater impact in 2019 and beyond.

FLYTE students in Cuba in 2016
Anacostia High School students in Cuba (2016)
FLYTE students in Mexico in 2016
Atlanta's BEST Academy in Mexico (2016)

it's working!

In the last four years, students have traveled to Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, and Guatemala on trips sponsored by FLYTE.

The compelling stories from each of these trips are waiting for you at

join me!

If you agree that travel changes lives, then I encourage you to join me in supporting FLYTE. 

Click here to learn how you can empower students through travel and support this fantastic organization.


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