Meaningful family adventures, Pt.2 w/ Patricia Monahan

Aaron Schlein chats with Patricia Monahan on episode 19 of Dramatic Travels Family. Patricia is a mom, a traveler, an adventurer and the founder of Our Whole Village, a travel company that curates meaningful family adventures.


Book: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

Blog post: Parent Like a Traveler

Blog post: Traveling Travelers Thing About Travel


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(1:24) A word from FLYTE

(1:58) Keeping travel top of mind by parenting like a traveler

(4:38) What is your biggest travel dream that hasn’t come true yet?

(5:35) Focus in Africa

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Dramatic Travels is an inspirational family travel podcast hosted by Aaron Schlein. Aaron chats with the world’s most passionate and influential travelers who share emotionally-charged memories of the people and places that inspired them to travel and changed their lives forever.

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