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Family Travel Radio hosted by Aaron Schlein

Real Families Talk Real Travel, Pt. 1

Part one in a five-part series of brief interviews with real families about why family vacations are so important—even when they don’t go exactly according to plan.–Guests:Andrea Ross – Managing Director of Wild Frontiers USMargaret Hackker – Parent & Travel Lover–Episode notes at

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Taking Family Time is Taking Off!

The #TakeFamilyTime advocacy campaign has clearly struck a nerve with families, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s hard to believe we’re only a week in… Take the pledge at – Episode notes at

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Pledging to Take Family Time

The Family Travel Association is rewarding families who commit to prioritizing family vacations. Learn more at – Guest: Rainer Jenss – President & Founder of The Family Travel Association – Watch the video of this episode at – Episode notes at

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Ancestry Travel: Exploring Your Family’s Heritage

Where in the world are your family’s roots? Ancestry travel allows your family to explore the world with a purpose—to learn about the people and places that contribute to your heritage. – RESOURCES Ancestry Travel in Scotland with Solway Tours – Blog post detailing the Maxwell family’s ancestry trip to Scotland  Kids are a Trip!…

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Nuggets of Family Travel Advice

With her endless nuggets of family travel advice, Ranjana Armstrong is changing the way families see (and hear) the world. – RESOURCES Nugget.Travel – Family vacations, day trip ideas & travel tips Go with Nugget Podcasts – Destination discoveries for parents and kids Kids Listen – a grassroots organization of advocates for high-quality audio content…

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