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Family Travel Radio hosted by Aaron Schlein

Adding Vision to Young People’s Lives

Teach your kids to be proud of where they come from and to take that same pride out into the world. — RESOURCES Gone Again Travel & Tours — OUR GUEST Crystal Dyer – Founder of Gone Again Travel & Tours — Episode notes available at

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A Life-Changing Year Abroad

Anna Levin spent her sophomore year of high school in Tallinn, Estonia as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange. In this episode, Anna and her mother share their perspectives on her life-changing year abroad. — RESOURCES Rotary Youth Exchange – Anna Levin’s Bio Rotary Youth Exchange Florida Homepage     — OUR GUESTS Lauren Goldenberg…

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Embracing the Tingles in Your Belly

Audrey Smit is the co-creator of Lily Huckleberry, a popular children’s book character who encourages kids to be curious about the world and always ready for adventure. — RESOURCES The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Japan Shop This Little Street Lily Huckleberry Kickstarter Video Kickstarter Page for Lily…

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Round-the-world for Families, Part 5: Go!

Family Travel Radio and Airtreks are here to show you that your family’s travel dreams can come true. So far in this podcast series, we’ve dreamed, planned, budgeted, and booked. Now, the time has finally come to GO on that round-the-world trip with your family. Visit and take the first step towards making your…

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Round-the-world for Families, Part 4: Book

Your meticulous planning and disciplined budgeting are about to pay off—big time. It’s time to book the round-the-world trip of your family’s dreams. Visit and take the first step towards making your family’s dream of a round-the-world trip a reality. —  OUR GUESTS Nicola Cook – Travel Planner at Airtreks Sara Habib – General…

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