Family travel takes flight, Pt.1 w/ Scott Keyes of Scott’s Cheap Flights

Aaron Schlein chats with Scott Keyes. Scott is the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, which you can find at

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Blog post: Making your family travel dreams take flight

Website: Atlas Obscura

YouTube Channel: Where the hell is Matt?


(4:55) Helping people all day everyday

(5:30) 12-14 hours a day searching for flights

(7:05) Too much sunshine?

(7:40) Be home when you want. Be gone when you want. Find a new home when you want.

(8:15) It all started on a road trip for the Flight Searcher in-Chief

(10:00) The realm of the possible

(11:50) Nobody regrets traveling.

(13:25) Where the hell is Matt?

(17:13) Sleeping with one eye open under a street light in Portugal

(22:00) Calvin & Hobbes and building character

(24:00) Inspirational biking in The Netherlands

(26:20) If Scott could be king for a day

(32:10) The best things countries do

(33:00) Scott’s Cheap Flights is born in a Denver coffee shop.


Dramatic Travels is an inspirational family travel podcast hosted by Aaron Schlein. Aaron chats with the world’s most passionate and influential travelers who share emotionally-charged memories of the people and places that inspired them to travel and changed their lives forever.

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