Travel with your tribe!

There are people who share nearly every passion, pastime, and lifestyle imaginable.

Millions of like-minded individuals connect on social media every day. Many even meet in person at events and casual gatherings. But…what if that’s not enough?

Imagine gathering with thousands of kindred spirits in a place where every moment can is spent nurturing the passion that unites you. Now imagine that place is a cruise ship where every activity, event, and meal is specially crafted to meet the unique desires of you and your tribe.

Now...stop imagining! Themed charter cruises are a growing phenomenon where individuals from all walks of life can travel how they want with the people they want.

Nobody cares what you wear—except TSA.

I became aware of themed cruises in 2008. My girlfriend (now wife) and I were flying home from Ft. Lauderdale after an 8-day cruise on Royal Caribbean.

We waited patiently at airport security behind a gentleman who was wearing a very snug-fitting head-to-toe leather ensemble. The security line had stopped moving because TSA insisted the man remove the numerous steel chains dangling from his outfit before going through the metal detector.

I noticed that he and his male companion each had a duffle bag with an Atlantis Cruises logo. As a seasoned cruiser, it puzzled me that I’d never heard of Atlantis Cruises before. I asked Leather Guy’s friend, who wasn't wearing animal hide, what Atlantis Cruises was. He told me it was a cruise just for gay men.

I asked where their ship had docked because I didn’t remember an Atlantis ship in port that morning. He told me Atlantis is the name of the charter group, and they had sailed on the Navigator of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship that carries well over 3,000 passengers.

I was blown away. Perhaps I was naïve, but I found it remarkable that such a large group of individuals with a common bond could escape together—free of interference from the "real world".

Whether you're a gay man, an art junkie, or a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic—a charter cruise vacation guarantees you'll spend every moment comfortable in your skin (or your leather).


In my next post, I'll explore the world of themed cruising with Ann Sedgwick, Carnival Cruise Line’s Division Vice President of Charter, Corporate, and Incentive Sales. A 30-year veteran in the cruise industry, Ann candidly shares thoughtful insight, personal memories, and behind-the-scenes stories from on-board Carnival’s themed cruises.

Stay with me, friends. It's gonna be fun!


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